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Alfa Laval Evaporation Systems

Evaporation solutions

Alfa Laval offers evaporators for wide range of applications and industries including Sugar, Starch, Ethanol, Sweetener, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Edible oil, Beverages, Wastewater, etc. Alfa Laval globally has an installed base of more than 1100 evaporators. Similarly, we offer both Plate and Shell & Tube type technologies based on Rising Film, Falling Film and Forced Circulation principles.

Case Story: Distillery in sugar mill achieves zero liquid discharge with Alfa Laval water recycling system

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Pioneer turns alcohol vapour energy into savings of 63 MINR per annum with Alfa Laval evaporation systems

Optimize your performance

Drawing on a complete portfolio of Alfa Laval evaporation and condensation solutions enables you to optimize the performance of your process better than ever before. From space-saving AlfaVap and AlfaCond units to the renowned FilmVap falling-film evaporators and from fouling-resistant AlfaFlash evaporators to ConVap scraped-surface evaporators, Alfa Laval provides you with the most effective way to achieve the best performance.

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Alfa Laval Evaporator for Waste Heat Recovery

Falling film evaporator for corn steep liquor using Waste Heat Recovery from gluten, germ and fiber fryers

Cornsteep liquor Argentina

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