Fish process systems

Alfa Laval offers complete fish processing systems for food and feed. Our compact, flexible solutions help you achieve superior product quality whilst reducing energy consumption and waste. You can also make use of Alfa Laval’s unparalleled practical know-how and experience to help extend, improve and fine-tune any installation for your business.

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Complete protein processing systems for food and feed

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Superior product quality 

  • Edible-grade protein
  • Low-temperature process
  • Minimal residence time
  • High protein digestibility
  • Low-fat meal
  • High oil yield and quality
  • For use in:
    • Food ingredients
    • High-quality pet food
    • Aquaculture feed

Great flexibility

  • Quick start and stop
  • Easy to switch raw materials 
  • Automatic CIP process
  • Advanced control possibilities 
  • Easy to expand capacity

Compact size

  • Up to 50% lower installation height compared to traditional solutions 
  • Efficient heating
  • Plate evaporators 
  • No press required

Customer-adapted solutions

Alfa Laval’s dedicated team of protein experts supports you from start to finish: 

  • Advice on how to increase yield and quality, and minimize production cost 
  • Complete processing solutions based on Alfa Laval technology

No waste

  • High-yield process 
  • Generate value by recovering all the protein from meat, poultry, insect and fish by-product streams

Minimal energy consumption

Very low energy consumption thanks to: 

  • Minimal heating 
  • Highly efficient plate heat exchangers 
  • AlfaVap multi-stage evaporation system