Plant and animal extract production

Natural products provide many viable extracts for the pharmaceutical industries. Maintaining their remedial properties during extraction is key to the success and commercialization of these products. Alfa Laval’s years of experience and proven processing equipment for extraction, separation, purification and concentration enable you to achieve high product quality and top recovery levels in a hygienic and low-energy environment.



Convap® is a single-wall, two-phase scraped-surface evaporator (SSE) with high efficiency for high-viscosity and high-fouling material. It has been specially designed to effectively concentrate products to extremely high solids levels


Amla Processing

Alfa Laval offer complete processing solutions for Amla processing to manufacture Amla Juice concentrate or Amla Puree. The processing line includes the Washing, Inspection, Crushing / Boiling , Destoning / Juice extraction, Refining, Decantation, Evaporation , Aseptic Sterilisation and aseptic filling.


AloeVera Processing

Alfa Laval offer processing solutions for AloeVera gel processing. The processing line includes manual cutting of leaves, specific pump, Preheating, Decantation, Aseptic Sterilisation and aseptic filling.

Alfa Laval ViscoVap

Alfa Laval ViscoVap tubular forced circulation flash evaporators are designed for evaporation duties with fibres and larger particles. ViscoVap is the perfect evaporator for purées such as tomato and mango, as well as a suitable finisher in effluent evaporation systems.

Viscovap tubular evaporator