Bio-based chemicals

Centrifugal separation

Separation equipment for bio-based chemical production

CLARA separators

Within the CLARA range there are models of all sizes, from laboratory or pilot-scale operation to models for large plants with huge capacities. Depending on the model, the CLARA separators are available in different designs, from non-hermetic (top fed) to fully hermetic (bottom fed) design.

 CLARA separators

MBPX separator systems

The MBPX  is a mobile, easily installed plug-and-play separator system for microbiological applications such as algae, yeast and bacteria. The separator features a substantial solids collection space and a variable discharge size that gives great flexibility in handling a wide range of biomass loadings.

MBPX separators

FEUX and MBUX separators

The FEUX and MBUX separators are used for separation of micro-organisms from fermentation broths. The design incorporates the Alfa Laval self regulating vortex nozzles with which the concentration of discharged solids phase can be kept at a high and even level irrespective of fluctuations in the feed flow or feed concentration.

FEUX separators

MBUX separators

FESX and FEQX separators

The FESX and FEQX nozzle bowl separators are designed for industrial fermentation applications and are available in many different sizes and configurations, each one designed and adapted for dealing with the widely varying separation tasks required.

FESX separators

FEQX separators

STNX decanter centrifuges

The STNX range of high-performance decanter centrifuges provides the most cost-effective separation solution available. It offers the lowest power consumption and lifecycle costs as well as the most advanced technology.

STNX decanter centrifuges

SG2 decanter centrifuges

SG2 units are the most cost-effective high-volume separation solutions currently available for processing distiller stillage from all grain types. SG2s are characterised by high cake dryness, minimal power consumption and low life cycle costs.

 SG2 decanter centrifuges