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Brewery systems

Alfa Laval India offers complete and part brewery solutions - hot and cold block solutions, yeast management systems, fermentation equipment, beer pasteurization, unitank, cellar block, beer flavouring machine, beer filtration equipment, tank cleaning equipment and other brewery equipment.

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Beer concentration system

Reduce your logistics costs and improve your sustainability profile with high-quality beer and beverage concentrates

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Blending modules

Alfa Laval blending modules are precise and accurate. Some of the modules also feature a carbonation system for beer and beverages.


Sampling systems

Alfa Laval Centralised Sampling System facilitates sample taking from up to 12 beer tanks.


Cleaning in Place

cip清洗系统-cip cleaning system

Dealcoholization module

Alfa Laval’s fully automated Beer dealcoholized are plug-in solutions that remove alcohol efficiently and gently in a single pass to produce full-flavoured beers.

阿法拉伐全自动啤酒脱醇模块-Fully automatic beer dealcoholization module

Deaeration modules ambient

Prime-quality oxygen-free water for the brewing processes with Alfa Laval's Deaeration modules

Aldox mini water deaeration module

Dry hopping

Alfa Laval provides solutions for effective dry or cold hopping – the process of adding hops to the beer after primary fermentation.

Sistema de lupulización en seco (Dry Hopping) Alhop de Alfa Laval para la elaboración de cerveza artesanal

Sterile filtration module

Alfa Laval Beer Sterile Filtration (BSF) module filters your beer so you achieve 100% bacteria retention without thermal degradation

Sterile beer filtration system

Tank top systems

The cost-effective centralized placing of the tank top plate assembly, designed to fit your needs

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Wort modules

A range of wort preparation systems to raise brewhouse performance, from wort aeration to whirlpooling and more.


Yeast management systems

Brewery yeast management for consistently high productivity and product quality

Yeast propagation plant