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SOPA 2023: 50 years in transforming the Edible Oil Industry

Looking for a trusted partner who understands your edible oil business, its challenges, and its opportunities? Depend on Alfa Laval to provide solutions to key challenges you face and optimize your edible oil processes based on the crude oils available.

Refining crude oil into edible oil requires deep process knowledge—from degumming, neutralization and dewaxing through to bleaching, deodorizing and GE and 3-MCPD mitigation. Edible oil producers worldwide rely on Alfa Laval know-how to remove impurities and volatile components and optimize refining processes. Count on us to ensure optimal taste, aroma, stability, appearance and nutritional value of your edible oils while maximizing product.

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Edible oil refining process systems

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Highly reliable, versatile, easy-to-operate systems for quality edible oils. 

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SOPA 2023

Services for your success

When you turn to Alfa Laval for services and parts, you experience readiness and reliability that save your time and money - while making a responsible choice for safety and environment. Combined with our unparalleled product and application knowledge, this is why so many choose Alfa Laval as their service partner. Our experts are your asset, working tirelessly to bring you performance and peace of mind.

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