Oil and Gas waste treatment and emissions control

Oil and gas producers face increasingly stringent local, national and international regulations for waste management and emissions control. To address these challenges, oil and gas producers rely on Alfa Laval for innovative and compliant solutions for treatment of ballast water, oily water, deck drain water and produced water as well as exhaust gas cleaning and slop oil and oily waste treatment.

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Complying with environmental legislation for waste treatment and emissions control throughout all stages of oil and gas production is essential to operations. Alfa Laval has a broad range of solutions that help oil and gas producers meet requirements to minimize the impact of operations on environment.

Ballast water treatment

As maritime legislation takes effect, vessels and rigs must comply with ballast water treatment regulations. Choosing the right system is key, as its limitations may also limit business – by restricting deployment and resale potential. Only Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.1 offers all the possibilities. Energy efficient and suitable for newbuilds or retrofits, it performs in all waters: fresh, brackish and marine. It is also the ideal biological disinfection system for challenging conditions, such as frigid or low-clarity water.

Oily water treatment

Oil-contaminated water is unavoidable on offshore rigs and vessels. Within it are hydrocarbon residues and coarse to fine particles as well as other components, such as chemicals that promote the formation of stable emulsions. Alfa Laval’s centrifugal separation technology continuously removes these impurities, even in the roughest of seas and in the most demanding situations. Employing many times the force of gravity, centrifugal separation can be used to break emulsions; it also minimizes the need for chemical dosing. As a result, Alfa Laval OF and PureBilge separators secure discharge compliance with little waste for onshore disposal.

Deck drain treatment

Deck drain water contains many different oils and a very diverse range of chemicals and solids. In particular, water from the tank wash drain and drill floor drain has a high solids concentration and very strong emulsions that complicate separation.

Here Alfa Laval’s vast experience with complex waste streams makes a difference. The Alfa Laval Phoenix system combines mechanical and chemical separation technologies to meet strict discharge standards while minimizing waste for disposal onshore.

Produced water treatment

Before produced water can be injected back into a reservoir, reused in production or discharged into the environment, it must be cleaned to strict oil ppm levels. Alfa Laval designs effective solutions to manage this process under specific operating conditions.

Comprising both heat exchangers and separation systems, our solutions ensure results while minimizing process maintenance. At the heart of our solutions are Alfa Laval OF and OFX disc-stack separators which use centrifugal separation, the most reliable means of overcoming difficult separation challenges.

Exhaust gas cleaning

Sulphur limits now apply for units operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs). By installing a
scrubber to meet ECA regulations, oil and gas producers can continue to use HFO or crude oil for drilling operations.

Alfa Laval PureSOx is the only complete SOx scrubber platform, which offers scrubbers with a U- or an I-design, in open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid arrangements. Built with Alfa Laval core technology and over 40 years of scrubber experience, PureSOx ensures reliable environmental compliance.

Slop oil and oily waste treatment

Slop oil and oily waste vary significantly in composition, which makes them complicated to separate into clean oil and water. Alfa Laval can provide a well-designed process that reaches ppm targets for both streams – without accumulating unnecessary waste. Three-phase Alfa Laval LYNX decanter centrifuges play a central role due to their effective solids removal and ability to deliver exceptionally clear liquids. Supporting them are our welded spiral heat exchangers and Alfa Laval OF disc-stack centrifuges, as well as Framo slop pumps to move slop oil and oily waste from the tank.


Waste treatment and emission control for drilling

  • Ballast water treatment
  • Deck drain treatment
  • Oily water treatment

Waste treatment and emission control for oil production

  • Ballast water treatment
  • Exhaust gas cleaning
  • Oily water treatment
  • Produced water treatment
  • Slop oil treatment

Waste treatment and emission control for gas production

  • Ballast water treatment
  • Oily waste treatment
  • Oily water treatment
  • Produced water treatment