Tank cleaning

Your livelihood depends on the contents of your tank. Preventing contamination is vital, as is ensuring a short turnaround time in port. Alfa Laval can make easy work of achieving a clean tank environment, with high-performance cleaning technologies in a thoroughly optimized installation.


Dynamic cleaning technologies

Alfa Laval’s automated Gunclean Toftejorg tank cleaning solutions represent over 50 years of optimization. With a helical or criss-cross spray pattern that reaches the whole tank in a fraction of the traditional cleaning time, they eliminate both hassle and expense.

Our single- and dual-nozzle technologies have evolved to include the hysteresis clutch of our i40 and i65 series, which prevents false starts and eliminates the leakage risk of a second shaft penetration. 

Optimized installation design

Supporting our nozzle technologies is Alfa Laval’s unique G-Pass design software. G-Pass goes beyond shadow diagrams to produce a 3D simulation of your tank – showing its corrugations, stringer platforms and other internal obstructions from all angles.

Using G-Pass for a total assessment, we evaluate the position, quantity, jet length and jet hit angle of the tank cleaning machines. This ensures an optimized installation that prevents product build-up and reduces fluid and energy use.