Plate heat exchanger services

A poorly functioning heat exchanger may affect safety, product quality and energy costs. Failure may lead to costly downtime and major losses in production. By regular and proactive maintenance of your gasketed plate heat exchanger performance is preserved and operations kept trouble-free and predictable.

We have the expertise to help you whether you experience a problem today, wish to prevent future issues or want to solve the problem yourself with our online troubleshooter.


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Alfa Laval M line plate-and-frame heat exchangers.pdf PD Sheet - M-Series Plate Heat Exchangers - EN.pdf

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Alfa Laval M-Serie-BaseLine-FrontLine Gemini plate-and-frame heat exchangers.pdf PD Sheet - M-Serie-BaseLine-FrontLine Gemini Plate Heat Exchangers - EN.pdf

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AQ line - AQ1, AQ1A, AQ1L, AQ2, AQ2A, AQ2L, AQ2S, AQ2T, AQ3, AQ4, AQ4T Manual_EN.pdf 200000284

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AQ line - AQ14, AQ14S, AQ14L, AQ18, AQ18TS, AQ20, AQ20S Manual_EN.pdf 200000424

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AQ line - AQ4L, AQ6, AQ6L, AQ6T, AQ8, AQ8S, AQ8T, AQ10, AQ10T Manual_EN.pdf 200000547

2018-06-18 4540 kB

AQ line – AQ2T-BZM, AQ2T-PZM, AQ4T-BZM, AQ4T-MZM Manual_EN.pdf 200000993

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BaseLine® M line Manual EN.pdf

2018-06-18 4866 kB

Cooling insulation AlfaQ line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 876 kB

Cooling insulation Industrial line_EN.pdf

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Evaporators and condensers

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FrontLine ClipLine_Instruction manual_ENGB.pdf

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H4_Product leaflet_EN.pdf

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H8_Product leaflet_EN.pdf

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Heating insulation AlfaQ line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 907 kB

Heating insulation Industrial line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 907 kB

Industrial line - M15, TL10, T15, TL15, T20, T21, TS20, T25, MX25, MA30, WideGap 100, WideGap 200 Manual_EN.pdf 200000418

2018-06-18 4566 kB

Industrial line - M3, M6, M10, T2, T5, T6, T8, T10, TL3, TL6, TS6 Manual_EN.pdf 200000279

2018-06-18 3936 kB

Industrial line - T35, TS35, TL35, T45, T50, TS50, WideGap 350 Manual_EN.pdf 200000421

2018-06-18 5421 kB

Industrial line – T6–BZM, T6–PZM, T10–BZM, T10–MZM Manual_EN.pdf 200000807

2018-06-18 3667 kB

Industrial semi-welded line Manual_EN.pdf 200000419

2018-06-18 5423 kB

Instruction manual AlfaCond (EN).pdf

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Instruction manual AlfaCond (ZH).pdf

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Instruction manual AlfaVap (EN).pdf

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Instruction manual AlfaVap (ZH).pdf

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Port filter_Instruction manual_ENGB.pdf

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Product leaflet Diabon.pdf

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaCond400_EN.pdf 200000062

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaCond600_EN.pdf 200000063

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaCond800_EN.pdf 200000064

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap350_EN.pdf 200000065

2018-06-18 285 kB

ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap500_EN.pdf 200000066

2018-06-18 285 kB

ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap650_EN.pdf 200000067

2018-06-18 342 kB

ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap700_EN.pdf 200000068

2018-06-18 388 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ1_EN.pdf CHE00091

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ProductLeaflet_AQ10T_EN.pdf 200000142

2018-06-18 527 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ14_EN.pdf CHE00133

2018-06-18 1870 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ14L_EN.pdf CHE00106

2018-06-18 765 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ14S_EN.pdf CHE00107

2018-06-18 1016 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ18_EN.pdf CHE00108

2018-06-18 793 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ18TS_EN.pdf 200006265

2018-06-18 537 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ1A_EN.pdf CHE00092

2018-06-18 454 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ1L_EN.pdf CHE00093

2018-06-18 441 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ2_EN.pdf CHE00094

2018-06-18 473 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ20_EN.pdf CHE00109

2018-06-18 613 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ20S_EN.pdf CHE00110

2018-06-18 662 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ2A_EN.pdf CHE00095

2018-06-18 444 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ2L_EN.pdf CHE00096

2018-06-18 495 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ2S_EN.pdf CHE00097

2018-06-18 562 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ2T_EN.pdf 200001070

2018-06-18 476 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ3_EN.pdf CHE00098

2018-06-18 547 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ4_EN.pdf CHE00099

2018-06-18 721 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ4L_EN.pdf CHE00100

2018-06-18 492 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ4T_EN.pdf 200000720

2018-06-18 477 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ6_EN.pdf CHE00101

2018-06-18 683 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ6L_EN.pdf CHE00102

2018-06-18 539 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ6T_EN.pdf 200001444

2018-06-18 445 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ8_EN.pdf CHE00103

2018-06-18 534 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ8S_EN.pdf CHE00104

2018-06-18 630 kB

ProductLeaflet_AQ8T_EN.pdf 200004074

2018-06-18 530 kB

ProductLeaflet_Base10_EN.pdf 200000027

2018-06-18 369 kB

ProductLeaflet_Base11_EN.pdf 200000028

2018-06-18 342 kB

ProductLeaflet_Base3_EN.pdf 200000025

2018-06-18 356 kB

ProductLeaflet_Base6_EN.pdf 200000026

2018-06-18 349 kB

ProductLeaflet_Clip3_EN.pdf 200000024

2018-06-18 402 kB

ProductLeaflet_Front10_EN.pdf 200000096

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ProductLeaflet_Front15_EN.pdf 200000097

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ProductLeaflet_Front6_EN.pdf 200000032

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ProductLeaflet_Front8_EN.pdf 200000033

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ProductLeaflet_M10_EN.pdf CHE00072

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ProductLeaflet_M15_EN.pdf CHE00073

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ProductLeaflet_M3_EN.pdf CHE00070

2018-06-18 363 kB

ProductLeaflet_M6_EN.pdf CHE00071

2018-06-18 407 kB

ProductLeaflet_MA30_EN.pdf CHE0134

2018-06-18 415 kB

ProductLeaflet_MA30S_EN.pdf CHE00123

2018-06-18 415 kB

ProductLeaflet_Mline10_EN.pdf 200000029

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ProductLeaflet_Mline15_EN.pdf 200000030

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ProductLeaflet_MlineTS6_EN.pdf 200000073

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ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedM10_EN.pdf CHE00112

2018-06-18 530 kB

ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedM6_EN.pdf CHE00111

2018-06-18 406 kB

ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedMA30_EN.pdf CHE00116

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ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedMK15_EN.pdf CHE00113

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ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedT10_EN.pdf 200000417

2018-06-18 384 kB

ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedT20_EN.pdf CHE00114

2018-06-18 468 kB

ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedTK20_EN.pdf CHE00115

2018-06-18 499 kB

ProductLeaflet_T10_EN.pdf 200000713

2018-06-18 411 kB

ProductLeaflet_T15_EN.pdf 200001404

2018-06-18 379 kB

ProductLeaflet_T2_EN.pdf CHE00075

2018-06-18 389 kB

ProductLeaflet_T20_EN.pdf CHE00078

2018-06-18 469 kB

ProductLeaflet_T21_EN.pdf 200004046

2018-06-18 465 kB

ProductLeaflet_T25_EN.pdf 200000069

2018-06-18 462 kB

ProductLeaflet_T35_EN.pdf CHE00078

2018-06-18 1805 kB

ProductLeaflet_T45_EN.pdf CHE00080

2018-06-18 727 kB

ProductLeaflet_T5_EN.pdf CHE00076

2018-06-18 378 kB

ProductLeaflet_T50_EN.pdf CHE00081

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ProductLeaflet_T6_EN.pdf 200001067

2018-06-18 410 kB

ProductLeaflet_T8_EN.pdf CHE 0077

2018-06-18 396 kB

ProductLeaflet_TL10_EN.pdf CHE00084

2018-06-18 426 kB

ProductLeaflet_TL15_EN.pdf CHE00085

2018-06-18 473 kB

ProductLeaflet_TL3_EN.pdf CHE00082

2018-06-18 375 kB

ProductLeaflet_TL35_EN.pdf CHE00086

2018-06-18 699 kB

ProductLeaflet_TL6_EN.pdf CHE00083

2018-06-18 429 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS20_EN.pdf CHE00088

2018-06-18 564 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS35_EN.pdf CHE00089

2018-06-18 951 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS45_EN.pdf 200006244

2018-06-18 471 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS50_EN.pdf CHE00090

2018-06-18 615 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS6_EN.pdf CHE00087

2018-06-18 496 kB

ProductLeaflet_WideGap100_EN.pdf CHE00121

2018-06-18 428 kB

ProductLeaflet_WideGap200_EN.pdf CHE00122

2018-06-18 467 kB

ProductLeaflet_WideGap350_EN.pdf CHE00124

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T25_Product leaflet_FR.pdf

2018-06-18 619 kB
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Data to boost energy efficiency

Up to 2.5% of global CO2 emissions can be prevented by running heat exchangers at optimal performance. Every year, the number of heat exchangers Alfa Laval services to optimize energy efficiency, saves our customers' power capacity by 50 GW. ​

Imagine what we could do if all industries serviced their plate heat exchangers to optimize heat transfer efficiency. Furthermore, what if the optimization evolves smarter and more digitalized.

Watch the video to learn about how Alfa Laval addresses this.


The Smart Heat Exchanger​

Alfa Laval Smart Heat Exchanger is an online connected service, proactive monitoring for Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers.

By simply attaching sensors on the equipment, and our dedicated analytics, we enable our customers to oversee current and future status through an online panel.​

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Enabling smart decisions

  • Conditioning Monitoring: provide insight on the thermal condition of the plates and mechanical condition of the gaskets.​
  • Predictive Maintenance: give indication of when should clean the plates and change the gaskets per our expertise. ​
  • Performance optimizer: guide on how operate, service and redesign to reach the best performance, and reduce operational costs and CO2 emission.​
  • Remote support: instant data allows our experts to stay close to you anytime, to avoid breakdowns and maximize your asset health.

Alfa Laval Smart Heat Exchanger easy connected

Get Started Now!

Do you want to avoid unplanned maintenance? Improve reliability to increase uptime? And maximize performance to reduce operational costs?


reconditioning of plates

Online troubleshooter - be the expert

A leaking heat exchanger? Reduced thermal performance? Identify the causes of various issues you might experience with your plate heat exchanger, or even better – how to prevent them from happening, through our online troubleshooter. If needed our experienced and skilled troubleshooters are at your service.


Troubleshoot your gasketed plate heat exchangers 

separator service training

Skills and knowledge empower

When you buy Alfa Laval equipment, you buy peace of mind. But you must also rely on your equipment operators to get the job done. That's why competence development is invaluable to your everyday operations. If you have any specific need for training, let us know and we will get back to you soon. 


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Service Calculator

How long will your gaskets last?

Using Alfa Laval’s proprietary GPredict™ tool, our service advisors can give you a reliable estimate of the expected lifetime of your gaskets. The tool relies on precise calculations based on your specific equipment and relevant application details, including temperature, gasket material, whether you use glued or non-glued gaskets, and how often you open your unit in the course of annual operation. With that, you can plan the reconditioning of your plates, since you always know when it’s time for regasketing well in advance. Take advantage of GPredict™ with a customized gasket prediction based on your installation* by contacting us today or test our simplified version below.

Get your customized prediction 

Prediction of gasket lifetime

Gasket material: NBRP

NBRP is Alfa Laval’s unique nitrile performance grade for high temperatures

Max. operation temperature

This temperature range refers to 0-100°C (32-212°F).







Estimated number of openings per year








*GPredict™ estimates are valid only for clean water duties, or applications using other fluids that have no chemical impact on the gasket. Gasket lifetime predictions are not available for units that employ aggressive media.

Spare parts

Tips to ensure your parts are genuine:

  • Look for the Alfa Laval logo on every packaging and part
  • Ensure the Alfa Laval name and trademark, with the words "Genuine Parts" are printed on the packaging
  • Review the packing list to ensure that part is genuine
  • Inspect the part number printed on each packaging

How to order Alfa Laval genuine spare parts

Find your local Alfa Laval office and give us a call or send an email.


Fill out the form below and send us your request. Our local sales office will contact you. 

Your contact details

This information is stored and processed in accordance to our privacy policy.



Reconditioning and preventive maintenance

All heat exchangers lose performance over time. Alfa Laval's cleaning equipment (CIP) provide quick and easy in-line cleaning, but we recommend sending the units for recondition on a regular basis to reset the status of your equipment to an as-good-as-new condition. 

A Performance Audit by a qualified engineer gives you an assessment of your units' current state, which makes planning for downtime easy. At reconditioning we replace gaskets, upgrade plates or replace damaged ones with Alfa Laval genuine spare parts according to original specification. 

GPHE service - visual condition assessment

Visual Condition Assessment (VCA)

Thanks to our unmatched heat exchanger expertise, Alfa Laval can perform a visual inspection of your gasketed plate heat exchanger while it is in operation, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. Using infrared camera technology, we also evaluate the actual heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger. We then provide you with recommendations based on our findings and analysis of the thermal images.

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Integrity testing

Alfa Laval Integrity Testing is a unique proactive service specially developed for gasketed plate heat exchangers. With Integrity Testing, our experts help you identify potential problems like cracks or leaks in the channel plates, enabling you to take necessary actions early and avoid unexpected breakdowns. You can thereby better plan maintenance for your heat exchangers and ensure the safety of your product.

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