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Services tailored to your ethanol production needs:

Every ethanol plant owner wants to maximize operational efficiency and uptime. The best way to achieve these goals is through a combination of value-added and condition-based services from Alfa Laval Services. Our 360° Service Portfolio covers all your needs throughout the life cycle of your equipment — from start-up, maintenance, support and improvements to monitoring services — for maximum uptime, availability and optimization.

Comprehensive Service Agreement

The Comprehensive Service Agreement is a total care and maintenance contract for your decanter. It covers both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

This includes:

  • Scheduled visits by service engineers to perform preventive maintenance and attend breakdowns as needed.
  • Most parts are covered, except for the bowl, frame, instrumentation, and lubricants.
  • Preventive maintenance parts such as kits and bearings are included, while critical parts like bearing housings and hubs are also covered.
  • The agreement includes a fixed number of conveyor refurbishments.

Bundled Service Agreement:

Alfa Laval’s tailored Bundled Service Agreement is a specialised comprehensive service agreement that ensures routine health inspections for both your installed Decanters and Plate Heat Exchangers at various checkpoints. It provides valuable insights through visit and audit reports.

This allows our customers to plan their production and shutdowns effectively, preventing unexpected failures and unplanned downtime of critical equipment. The solution helps achieve Overall Equipment Efficiency by optimizing maintenance schedules and providing opportunities to extend the equipment’s lifespan.

This includes:

  • Delivery of consumables and spares before the next service.
  • Maintaining an exclusive stock of kits and other major wear parts on-site or at the nearest service center or part distribution center.
  • Minimizing downtime with ready to exchange conveyor.

Scope of Service Agreement

The scope of the Service Agreement covers parts required for preventive maintenance and service visits. It includes:

  • Scheduled visits for performing periodic maintenance, such as health inspections and major servicing of decanter centrifuges.


Remote Guidance Services

Customers are connected digitally through a virtual platform, and remote support is provided for troubleshooting, periodic services, health inspections, and Condition Audits.

This includes:

  • Remote monitoring and services provided under connectivity services.
  • Alfa Laval will set up connectivity hardware and software tailored for your specific decanter and controller (PLC).
  • Service engineers will assist you in connecting your decanter controller to the field gateway and the internet.


Conveyor Exchange Programme

Alfa Laval offers a provision where refurbished conveyors in stock are exchanged with damaged conveyors.

This ensures:

  • Faster delivery and quick support for customers.
  • Ready stock availability for tiled conveyors used in grain-based distilleries.