Introducing a smaller separator for biotech and bio-based chemicals

The Alfa Laval PX 810 Bactofuge centrifugal separator is ideal for removing microbial cells from high-density broths in industrial fermentation applications. Thanks to the continuous solids discharge of the Bactofuge Design, the separator can offer outstanding throughput – even at high cell loads. Featuring Alfa Laval’s unique Hermetic Design, PX 810 Bactofuge is able to secure very gentle acceleration of the broth, resulting in minimal cell lysis for more efficient separation. Our Hermetic Design also reduces energy consumption by up to 40% and ensures that there is no contact with air inside the separator.


Gentle productivity

Efficient separation.
Increased yield.

Outstanding performance in demanding applications

See how chemicals giant BASF has benefited from Alfa Laval’s Bactofuge Design and Hermetic Design for efficiently separating biomass in the production of enzymes for animal nutrition. After testing a number of separation technologies, BASF found that only Bactofuge, with its high separation area and high g-forces, could meet their challenging demands.

Efficient centrifugal separation of high-density broths

Hermetic Design

Hear Alfa Laval’s global sales manager for life science and industrial fermentation separators, Stephen Cripps, explain the inner workings of the Hermetic Design technology and how it brings:

  • Gentle product handling
  • Maximum product quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimal energy consumption


Bio-based chemicals

Efficient removal of microbial cells is critical for profitability in bio-based chemicals production. Thanks to its gentle cell handling and continuous discharge, a PX 810 Bactofuge offers very high separation capacity in one compact unit.

Starter cultures

For producers of fermentation starters, the gentle product handling in a PX 810 Bactofuge results in higher yield and product viability – and in turn higher profitability.

Probiotics and MFC

PX 810 Bactofuge’s Hermetic Design and excellent hygienic properties makes it ideal for production of probiotics and microbial food cultures. The continuous discharge allows the separator to handle large flows of high-density broths in a compact unit.

BactoFuge Design

The PX 800 Bactofuge range

The Bactofuge range consists of three models targeting small, medium and large-capacity applications. The coherent range makes it easy to scale up production if your plant expands. Products in the range:

  • PX 810 Bactofuge
  • PX 714 Bactofuge
  • PX 218 Bactofuge

Keeping your production spinning

With Alfa Laval as your partner, you have the full backing of our global network of dedicated service experts. We offer a range of services to support your separation system throughout its lifetime, including condition monitoring to give you insights into the actual state of your equipment as well as upgrades that improve centrifuge performance. Our experts can also train your operators how to optimize your system for the long term. And when you need spares, our distribution network can quickly supply you with the required parts – wherever you are in the world.

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The Separator Innovator

Alfa Laval has been the leader in the development of centrifugal separation technology for more than a century. Over the years we have grown our expertise in a wide array of separation applications, knowledge that we are glad to share with you.

Visit our Separator Innovator knowledgebase to learn more about advancements in separation and the steps Alfa Laval is taking to continuously revolutionize technology for business excellence.

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