Astepo clean filler

Versatile bag-in-box clean filling system for filling flexible bags fitted with international-standard 1-inch spouts for the food and dairy industries.

Astepo clean filler

Meeting food and dairy packaging requirements

Non-aseptic clean filling (C.F.) systems from Alfa Laval Astepo are in widespread use throughout the food and dairy industries. They are ideal for packaging liquids that include milk, flavoured milk, milk shakes and sundaes – which have to be kept under refrigerated conditions – as well as dense, viscous products (often containing small particles) such as ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces, and shelf-stable syrups and extracts.

Versatile and automated

The C.F. filler can be configured for either automatic or semi-automatic operation, depending on your needs.
All C.F. filling systems feature easy operation and maintenance, and it’s easy to quickly swap between different bag sizes. They can operate with all the standard types of bags and spouts currently available, and can be configured with single or double filling heads.

Ultraclean versions

Special Ultraclean versions are available for packaging dairy and egg products, as well as other delicate products that involve even more stringent hygiene specifications. C.F. Ultraclean bag-in-box fillers make it possible to provide longer shelf life for such products.
There is no physical interference from an operator once the first bag has been inserted and the machine has been started, thus ensuring better hygiene. The filler automatically loads, fills and re-caps the bags and is equipped with sensors to stop filling should a no-bag or no-valve condition arise.
The unique Ultraclean ”white” filling valve is EHEDG certified. It is protected during filling by an overpressure of filtered air. A nebulizer system for liquid disinfectants is an additional option.


  • Versatile packaging solution that is fully compliant with your customers’ preferences and practical requirements
  • Excellent hygiene specifications that your customers can rely on to maintain each product’s specified shelf life
  • Easy to convert from semi-automatic to automatic operation, as and when your needs change
  • User-friendly operation, with only minimal supervision and maintenance required
  • Compact, “plug and play” unit that’s easy to install

How it works

How it works

Controlled filling cycles

The C.F. filler detects when a cap has been inserted. As soon as this happens, a filling cycle starts. This involves removing the cap and positioning the filling valve in the fitting provided on the open bag. A vacuum removes any residual air.
The bag is then filled using volumetric dosing, in accordance with an operator-selected recipe. A puff of nitrogen can clear the valve before it is lifted off. The cap is then repositioned and the filled bag is released.
In automatic machines, each filled bag is separated from an incoming empty bag by an automatic knife.

Output and cartoning integration

If the small-bag production output exceeds 100 bags per hour, an automatic bag feeder for web-type bags must be added under the filling valve. This ensures outputs of up to 350 bags per hour.
The automatic version of the C.F. filler carries out the uncapping, filling and bag capping operations, along with the cleaning-in-place cycles needed. It can fill up to 4,000 litres of liquids into bags every hour, with a filling accuracy of +/- 0.5%.
Automatic C.F. fillers can also be linked up to an Alfa Laval Astepo Combibox automatic cartoning line (with cartons sealed by hot-melt glue or adhesive tape).

Standard and optional equipment

C.F. filler systems from Alfa Laval Astepo are comprehensively equipped as standard, with key fittings made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.
You can also choose between a wide selection of optional equipment to meet your particular filling requirements.