Alfa Laval Pharma-line is a high-quality tubular heat exchanger for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The leak-proof design and smooth surface finishes help protect against contamination and is ideal for the strictest hygienic conditions in applications such as Water-for-Injection (WFI), heating and cooling Purified Water (PW) and product heating/cooling. The shell and tube heat exchanger can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling and is compliant with USP and cGMP requirements.

Pharma-line shell and tube heat exchange equipment for pharma

Superior materials and hygienic design, embodying decades of experience in pharma

  • Double-tube sheet(DTS) avoids risk of cross-contamination
  • Very low risk for cracks and thermal fatigue as U-shaped tubes accommodate thermal expansion
  • Fully drainable heat exchanger, no dead areas and seamless, smooth crevice-free design with max 0,5µm surface roughness
  • Fully customizable owing to smart flexible design of feet and mounting options
  • Small footprint - U-tubes decrease the length of our hygienic heat exchanger by half
The Pharma-line shell and tube heat exchanger is designed to operate at pressures up to 10 bar and operating temperatures of 150°C. It is easy to drain and clean and features leakage detection. It is fully drainable on the product side, with no dead spots and has vent and drain possibilities on the utility side. The hygienic heat exchanger also comes with a high-quality documentation package as standard.

Pharma-line shell and tubes range

Pharma-line shell and tube heat exchangers are available in standard and custom-made ranges. 

Standard range: Pharma-line S is available in PED and TSG (China) pressure vessel codes. There are 33 pre-defined models with standard comprehensive documentation. Some models are in stock for immediate delivery. 

Custom-made range: Pharma-line P is available in PED, TSG (China) and ASME pressure vessel codes. 

How it works




The double-tube sheet design of the Pharma-line shell-and-tube heat exchanger eliminates the risk of the product mixing with the service (heating or cooling) medium. The product media flows through a bundle of seamless tubes while the service medium flows in a crossflow around the tubes, inside the shell. In the unlikely event of a leak, either fluid can be easily visually detected.

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Close at Hand Catalogue

Alfa Laval's hygienic equipment product catalogue "Close at hand" includes product leaflets, performance curves, links to animations, brochures and lists for ordering purposes.

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CAD portal

Download the product models in Neutral or Native CAD file formats. It is also possible to download 3D PDF files.

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