The Alfa Laval Dryplus-E is starting the phase down plan and is replaced by the Alfa Laval Pure Cooler product line in Europe. The Alfa Laval Dryplus-E is still available for ordering from Alfa Laval Satara (India).

dryplus-3 dryplus-e front left side 640x360

The Alfa Laval Dryplus-E have been designed to meet high Coefficient of Performance (COP) requirements in large industrial, commercial and HVAC installations. They were optimized for high-efficiency duties using R134a as refrigerant, making it possible to comply with stringent environmental standards.

The Alfa Laval Dryplus-E shell-and-tube evaporators have cooling capacities of up to 1420 kW and with one, two, three or four refrigerant circuits.