Water is a finite resource. With less then 1 percent of all water fresh and clean, water is quickly emerging as the most critical resource on the planet.

DATE 2024-05-09


With solutions and competences accumulated over many decades and industries, Alfa Laval empowers industrial plants to optimize their water footprint by focusing on water conservation, wastewater treatment, water reuse and the establishment of circular water systems.

Sustainable Solutions for optimizing water footprint

Zero Liquid Discharge

Effectively dealing with industrial wastewater is often a legal obligation, and necessary to retain your license to operate. But an Alfa Laval AlfaFlash ZLD system can be a part of the process of recovering valuable resources from the waste that would have been lost.

Reuse water, recover value with ZLD 604x360

Fresh Water Generation:

Our evaporation technology helps to produce high-quality fresh water from seawater utilizing the waste heat onboard which is essential for the production of Green Hydrogen.

Freshwater generation

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