Transforming Agro Food Processing sector: Watch Alfa Laval’s Journey with FrutX ​

Alfa Laval has partnered with FrutX, a dynamic startup in the Agro & Food processing space located in Central India. ​

DATE 2024-07-11

With the inception of the idea of this Start-up, the visionary entrepreneurs Shashank Bhadora and Utkarsh Gupta worked closely with around 800 Farmers to help them triple the yield of Tomatoes. This collaborative effort with Farmers resulted in a significant increase of several fold in the income levels of associated Farmers.

The Start-up “FrutX Industries” ensures to buy the entire produce from the farmers and process it into Tomato pulp & puree for supply to domestic as well as markets of Europe & Middle East.

Alfa Laval joined hands with the young entrepreneurs and gave an idea to process multiple fruits & vegetables by building a versatile Fruit & Vegetable Processing facility which would primarily process Tomato and other Fruits like Guava, Papaya, Amla, Mango, Chilli & Tamarind. This has resulted in the Processing unit being fully operational for more than 300 days in the 1st year after commencing the production. FrutX is now having their Order books overflowing with orders to fully book production capacity of their Production unit for next 3 year.

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