Clean Energy

Decarbonization is one of the most complex challenges of our time. The challenge of decarbonization is twofold: we must simultaneously support rapidly growing energy demands, while reducing CO2 emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

DATE 2024-05-09


Working in close collaboration with our customers and partners, we are accelerating the transformation of our energy infrastructure to advance sustainable energy solutions from green hydrogen, Power-to-X, fuel cells and energy storage to biofuels, carbon capture utilization and storage.



Clean Hydrogen

Alfa Laval offers the widest range of energy efficient heat exchangers for green hydrogen production, distribution, transportation, storage, and use. After 90 years perfecting our proven technologies, Alfa Laval is the partner for all kinds of heating and cooling applications across the hydrogen economy, supporting the industry as it scales up and accelerates the energy transition.

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No matter which approach you take, efficient heat exchanger technologies are fundamental to making CCU/S commercially viable. With our broad portfolio of heat exchangers, we support customers to meet the demands of this energy-intensive process, maximizing CO2 capture while minimizing steam consumption and utility requirements.

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Renewable Fuels

Alfa Laval's innovative solutions encompass heat exchangers, decanter centrifuges, reboilers, and evaporators, all meticulously designed to optimize efficiency across every phase of biofuel production, from precise heating and cooling to effective mixing and separation.

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