Zero Liquid Discharge

Turn waste into value with an Alfa Laval AlfaFlash ZLD system. These robust, compact solutions treat wastewater from industrial processes and recover valuable products during recycling operations. Materials are efficiently removed from the water, or wet material, and reduced to solid waste that can be sold, reused, or more efficiently disposed of. ZLD systems benefit both the environment and your bottom-line and are easily adjusted to meet your expanding needs and changing regulations.

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Reuse water, recover value

  • Increases water usage efficiency by removing liquid waste and treating water for reuse
  • Some processes may recover valuable resources such as metals and minerals
  • Easily adjustable systems are future-proof to your growing needs and changing regulations
  • Less waste means lower disposal costs and reduced need for new resources
  • Lower investment, installation and operational costs compared to traditional evaporation technologies

Effectively dealing with industrial wastewater is often a legal obligation, and necessary to retain your license to operate. But an Alfa Laval AlfaFlash ZLD system can be a part of the process of recovering valuable resources from the waste that would have been lost. Alfa Laval’s product offering and technology expertise can play a key part in your resource recovery process.

Industries and applications 

AlfaFlash ZLD systems are designed to meet the needs of a broad range of applications:


HVO, renewable fuels and bio-based chemicals

Refineries, bioplastic manufacturers and 2G ethanol makers can recycle and reuse wastewater from their renewable energy processes.

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Manufacturing industry and service centres

Service centres, and automotive, tool and electronics manufacturers all need to minimize or even eliminate wastewater to boost profits and achieve sustainability goals.

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Recycling industry

Alfa Laval offer AlfaFlash ZLD systems for crystallization chemical recycling loops (leaching) and more. We can help you with your recycling process and your recycling waste stream.

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Process industry

AlfaFlash ZLD system and process crystallizers can be used in a variety of processes in the process industry.


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Get an overview of the Zero Liquid Discharge System

  Learn more how Alfa Laval solutions can turn waste into value-add product by exploring the Zero Liquid Discharge system.

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A choice of configurations

Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)

Alfa Laval ZLD systems can be designed with MVR using electrical power to drive the evaporation process. An electrically driven fan increases the condensation temperature of the vapor in the evaporator before it is routed back to the heat exchanger where the latent heat is recovered. This configuration is ideal when there is no thermal heat source and when boiling point elevations are moderate.

Multi-effect systems

Alfa Laval ZLD systems can be designed using a thermal heat source such as steam or hot water, with one or several effects depending on the capacity requirements and your energy efficiency targets. The configuration is ideal when thermal heat sources are available and is generally more attractive in terms of capital expenditure.

AlfaFlash working principle

Dig deeper into the functions of the Alfa Laval Zero Liquid Discharge system. Watch the AlfaFlash animation and experience our forced circulation evaporation technology first hand.


Alfa Laval opens state-of-the-art service centre that recycles almost 100 percent of its water

 Alfa Laval's new service centre in Frechen, Germany, will be one of the largest for plate heat exchangers in the world. In addition, it is also a technically advanced and sustainable facility, capable of recycling almost 100 percent of its water using Alfa Laval Zero Liquid Discharge technology.


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