Product recovery

Valuable products are normally lost in waste streams from industrial processes, and are costly to treat or dispose of. But many waste products can be effectively recovered. Alfa Laval can help you convert cost to profit. We offer a variety of general or industry specific solutions that help you recover products of value that you can either reuse or sell.

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Waste-to-value: Convert a cost centre to a profit centre

Increasing regulations require more and more treatment of waste streams. Waste can be a show stopper for expanding your production, and efficient waste treatment and disposal is often essential to maintain your licence to operate. Every m3 of water and waste plus every kW you recover is one step towards reducing your environmental footprint - and costs.

So why let money go down the drain – or pay a lot to get rid of waste that can instead be recycled and save raw material or generate income? Why not reduce the amount of waste and disposal costs by recycling as much as possible – either back into your own process or to be sold to other value chains?

Alfa Laval has developed a wide range of waste recovery solutions based on our separation, filtration and thermal technologies. Examples include:

  • Recovery of beer, spent grain and wort, from beer production using Alfa Laval separators, decanters or membrane filtration.  
  • Recovery of slop oil (oily waste stream converted into a high value hydrocarbon) using decanters and high speed separators
  • Recovery of spent wash from ethanol by use of evaporation
  • Alfa Laval AS-H plate presses can be used to recover products such as alcohol or sugar.

Turn waste into value

See what you can gain from on-site water and waste treatment - and calculate your savings!Turn waste into value with Alfa Laval solutions

Wastewater - an untapped water resource

More and more realise that wastewater can also be a valuable water resource. There are many good reasons to consider reusing biologically treated municipal and industrial wastewater: Increase water resources, reduce intake of new water and limit effluent flow loads to sewers.

Reclaimed water can be used for numerous applications e.g. industrial process water, cooling towers and wash water; surface irrigation of crops, vineyards and golf courses; recreational lakes, wetlands, wildlife habitat and stream augmentation and ground water recharge.

Water treated with Alfa Laval MBR and Alfa Laval AS-H Iso-Disc filtration systems can even reach potable water quality if a final polishing step combining e.g. UV radiation, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, active coal, ozone or chlorine is added.


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