Ultrapure water cooling

Ultrapure water is needed to ensure the cleanliness of critical process steps. Alfa Laval’s plate heat exchanger portfolio offers a range of options in terms of both plate and gasket material designed to meet any specific requirements and demands.

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Water treatment of ultrapure water (UPW) and process cooling water (PCW) is necessary in order to control the temperature of all the various manufacturing steps. General manufacturing in the semiconductor industry consumes large amounts of water, which need to be at the correct temperature.  For this type of application Alfa Laval’s wide range of gasketed plate heat exchangers and welded plate heat exchangers, like AlfaDisc, AlfaRex and Compabloc ensures that any customer’s specific requirements can be met.

Ultrapure water (UPW) is used extensively in the fabrication steps of making computer microchips. It is needed to ensure the cleanliness of critical process steps, where regular PCW  cannot be used. Using Alfa Laval’s all welded plate exchangers with titanium plates the cleanliness of the ultrapure water can still be guaranteed.