Engine genset and transport cooling

Alfa Laval offers a broad range of compact, highly efficient integrated cooling technologies for engines, transmissions vehicles that meet ever tougher cooling and packaging requirement. Design are typically unique to your engine or vehicle in order to maximize the cooling needs and provide the most compact, robust and cost effective solution.

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Cooling efficiency

The technologies Alfa Laval provides cover applications where very close temperature approaches require very high levels of heat transfer efficiency, characteristic of Alfa Laval's plate heat exchanger technology to applications where low pressure drop and minimal disturbance of the flow is best suited by Alfa Laval's advanced shell and tube technologies. Different applications require different material needs as well. Alfa Laval offers a range of materials in it's cooling solutions including: titanium, copper, copper nickel alloys, stainless steel and an all stainless stell, diffusion bonded design for applications requiring it.

Genset cooling

Alfa Laval provides a full suite of products for stationary power genset cooling applications, including brazed, plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers as well as charge air coolers. 

These reliable cooling solutions ensure your generator sets run as efficiently as possible. 

We offer a performance based advanced cooling solution - Cool PAC, intended for remote radiator applications of power generation equipment for today's charge air cooler equipped engines. 

The Cool PAC system features:

  • Surge tank with sight glass
  • Charge air coolers
  • Jacket water heat exchanger
  • Documentation

Alfa Laval also provides efficient cleaning solutions for stationary power generators - for effective cleaning of lube and fule oil, as well as oil mist separators.