Tomato processing

Tomatoes are used in countless food products, involving many different types of processing. Alfa Laval supplies processing equipment featuring the versatility as well as the exceptional hygiene standards needed to make this possible.

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Plant capacity required

Viscosity, flavour and colour

Foodec decanter centrifuge technology enables you to produce juice, purée and paste in which the effective management of viscosity, mould issues and thermal impacts make it possible to enhance the natural flavour and mouthfeel of your products.

Alfa Laval technologies, including thermal equipment to concentrate and sterilize raw juice/purée/paste, also help you retain the natural colour that is crucial for maximizing customer satisfaction and the revenue that results from this.

Versatility counts

Alfa Laval provides a broad spectrum of specialist processing equipment that will boost the efficiency and versatility of your tomato processing set-up, as well as the quality and saleability of your products.

We supply equipment that is ideal for everything from small-capacity multi-fruit processing plants to highly specialised juice, purée and paste facilities.

Tomato processing line


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