Oil and Gas drilling

In the field, drilling is where it all begins. This is the true start of the hydrocarbon chain, and performance has to be top-notch from the time the bit starts spinning. With comprehensive knowledge and proven technologies for the drilling process and beyond, Alfa Laval ensures optimal performance throughout your drilling processes.

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Solutions for oil and gas drilling

The efficiency of drilling operations is critical to well productivity and profitability. Drilling owners, operators and contractors are looking for ways to minimize downtime – along with the consequences and costs. When there’s no room to make mistakes, you need allies to help optimize the drilling performance of your oil and gas wells. On land and offshore, Alfa Laval provides technology, know-how and services that drive your profitability.

Managing your drilling fluids 

The drilling process represents up to 80% of a well’s total cost – and much of that is related to mud. Alfa Laval knowledge and solutions keep mud-related costs to a minimum, while at the same time securing the density, viscosity, chemistry and cleanliness so critical to safe and efficient drilling. That’s why oil and gas producers around the globe rely on Alfa Laval’s broad portfolio of mud-handling solutions for safe, reliable, cost-effective drilling.

Mixing and dust recovery

For customized solutions that suit the needs of specific drilling applications, count on Alfa Laval Vortex mud mixing solutions. Engineered to work together, our fully integrated systems offer the fastest, safest, cleanest way to reduce overall mud mixing costs and maximize rig productivity and profits.Our straightforward, easy-to-maintain solutions include complete mud mixing, dust recovery, tank mixing and agitation, and bulk storage and transport systems for offshore and onshore applications. 

Full system automation improves accuracy and precision, minimizes chemical exposure and losses, optimizes mud use and improves the working environment. What’s more, Vortex solutions ensure a dust-free environment because dust is captured and rechanneled into the mixing system.

Agitation and tank cleaning

For the mud tanks, Alfa Laval has effective Gunclean Toftejorg tank cleaning solutions that remove stubborn barite build-up. To ensure homogenous mud with uniform properties, we also have effective shearing options with side-, bottom- or top-mounted agitators.

Mud cooling

Efficient Alfa Laval PUMA mud coolers reduce potential health, safety and environmental risk hazards and rig downtime during the drilling process. Built on decades of application experience, these dedicated modular heat exchangers reduce thermal stresses and provide better temperature control for mud processing and downhole tool accuracy, especially when drilling at high temperatures and pressures.

Bulk transfer and storage

Dense phase pneumatic transfer is a safe, efficient method of moving large volumes of dry bulk drilling additives such as barite and cement. Alfa Laval Vortex provides simple solutions for increasing the transfer rates of bulk powders through the guided injection of air into bulk pneumatic transfer lines. 

Waste and solids control

When the mud returns from the well, our pioneering separation expertise is applied through the use of Alfa Laval LYNX decanter centrifuges. Effectively removing cuttings and other solids, these advanced yet reliable solutions keep drilling fluids in prime condition while minimizing costly mud losses and waste.

Service and support as deep as it is wide

Alfa Laval core technologies are perfectly suited to drilling fluids and the drilling process as well as to utilities and waste management. Our most trusted solutions not only reduce costs when put to the test under tough offshore conditions, but also secure compliance with environmental regulations. 

Like our portfolio, our commitment is extensive. Through close cooperation, open dialogue and in-depth services, we work hard to advance technologies in order to provide smart solutions to meet your changing needs. 

Alfa Laval rig surveys, for instance, help identify mud mixing system performance problems that result from configuration errors. Upon request, Alfa Laval will review your entire mud system and identify areas for improvement. Following the audit, we will provide you with a report of our findings, including:

  • System and configuration analysis 
  • Recommendations for performance improvements in design, configuration and equipment
  • Implementation options

Presentation: span the distance

Presentation: exceeding expectations

Vortex product benefits

  • Simple system designs that have no moving parts
  • Modular for simple, flexible and quick installation
  • Integrated automated controls for improved accuracy and precision
  • Replaceable wear components

Our know-how

  • Proprietary and patented products result in exceptional operations and provide optimal drilling fluids performance
  • Experience in designing and operating mud mixing equipment both on- and offshore
  • Superior engineering, manufacturing and compliance expertise
  • Commitment to safety, service quality and performance

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