Polymers and fibers production

Producing polymers and fibres requires the efficient handling of fibrous liquids, which places heavy demands on equipment. Resilient equipment like the Alfa Laval WideGap gasketed plate heat exchanger, Alfa Laval Compabloc and Alfa Laval spiral heat exchanger handle fibrous media with ease, maximizing production efficiency and energy savings while minimizing the environmental impact.

Alfa Laval equipments for industrial polymers and fibres production.

Optimizing polymers and fibers production 

Whether you are producing latex, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or PVC, Alfa Laval has the expertise and broad range of equipment and services to optimize production of polymers and fibers for the petrochemicals industry.

Unscheduled downtime due to fouling can be very costly. To ensure process efficiency without clogging, bottlenecks or downtime, Alfa Laval WideGap plate heat exchangers and semi-welded plate heat exchangers are recommended for high fouling duties such as pellet water cooling.

The Alfa Laval WideGap gasketed plate heat exchanger is tailor-made for use with fibrous media. Its plate pattern and detailed design of the entire heat exchanger ensures that the fibrous media passes smoothly through the heat exchanger. In addition, Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers are often used for more demanding duties with fluids that contain a high content of particles or fibres.