Pharmaceutical water systems

Water is an essential ingredient to all pharmaceutical processing. Securing consistent high-quality water, delivered to the point-of-use, at required flow and temperature are basic requirements. Alfa Laval equipment offers you hassle-free operation with minimized operating costs, downtime and environmental impact.

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Optimize your pharmaceutical water system

  • Optimize bacteria control
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Prevent rouging
  • Minimize maintenance and sanitizations
  • Hassle-free installation and validation
If you're a pharmaceutical manufacturer looking for sustainable, energy-efficient solutions, or looking to prevent, rouging, biofilm buildup or other impurities in your pharmaceutical grade water system, Alfa Laval is here to help you meet stringent hygienic demands. With Alfa Laval, it is easy to comply with all the pharmaceutical requirements for safety, hygiene, economy, energy-efficiency and reduced waste. Take advantage of our vast pharmaceutical process expertise, broad and proven hygienic equipment and global service network.

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Pharmaceutical Water Systems chart

View this process chart to get an overview on the solutions Alfa Laval offer for pharmaceutical water systems


Challenges in Pharmaceutical Water Systems

Improperly designed, operated and maintained pharmaceutical water systems can be much more expensive than investing in the right pharmaceutical water systems from the start. Learn about some of the challenges and how to solve them.

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Ten reasons to choose Alfa Laval for your pharmaceutical water system

Why should you consider Alfa Laval in your process? Minimizing total cost of ownership, ensuring energy-efficiency and emissions compliance; these are just some of the reasons. Read on to learn more about how Alfa Laval can help optimize your processes.

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Ease of validation & maintenance: Alfa Laval Q-doc

For hassle-free qualification and validation, there's Alfa Laval Q-doc, our cutting-edge documentation package for the pharmaceutical industry. Q-doc encompasses every aspect of production, from raw material sourcing to the delivery of finished equipment. This provides full transparency and enables the slightest change in material or manufacture to be traced – even when it comes to spare parts.

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