Bacterial and fungus processing

Improved yield, safety, quality and cost of operations are vital for staying competitive. Whether you manufacture insulin, vaccines, antiviral medicines or other therapeutics via bacterial or fungus processing, Alfa Laval provides an extensive range of proven separation solutions, fluid handling components and heat exchangers specifically designed to optimize your fermentation processes.


Tap on our years of experience in preparation of bacterial and fungus cultures to secure high quality end-products at highest yields

  • Engineering experience and application expertise to optimize your bioprocesses
  • Gentle product treatment to secure highest yields
  • Cost-efficient operations – less waste handling and lower utilities consumption
  • Safeguard product characteristics and securing consistent quality
  • Extensive range of equipment and solutions for efficient bioprocessing
With our range of equipment and global network of sales and service representatives, we provide sustainable solutions that meet the highest demands. Backed by engineering experience, application knowledge, customized installation and full validation support, we aim to help customers improve competitiveness through better operational efficiency and maintaining high quality of end-products.

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