Yeast management systems

Alfa Laval has a broad range of modules for yeast management that help control variables and minimize inconsistencies. Each yeast management module for gentle and consistent handling of yeast, which leads to consistent fermentation performance time and time again.

Yeast propagation plant

Our yeast management system…

  • Provides optimum conditions for yeast growth and fermentation and minimizes surplus yeast volume
  • Offers automatic pitching (both batch and continuous)
  • Has in-line viable yeast measurement
  • Enables good harvesting and storage practices to extend yeast use and spread cost of culture over a number of brews
Alfa Laval’s brewery yeast management systems, alongside a host of well-proven brewery equipment, provide cost effective solutions for your brewery. From yeast propagation to storage, from beer recovery from cropped yeast to waste yeast handling, Alfa Laval’s range of team of experience brewery experts can help you create more, using less.
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Beer production

Everything you need for perfect brewing

Whether you brew the biggest brands, or the latest craft beer style, Alfa Laval can help you differentiate and expand.