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A clear improvement to rapid carbonation

Craft brewery centrifuges with ProCarb inline carbonation

Alfa Laval’s centrifugal separators swiftly and carefully remove core solids from your brew. They maximize product recovery, while securing the flavour and character of your beer. By adding ProCarb inline carbonation to your centrifuge, you get clarified beer with high-quality carbonation – at a fraction of the time traditionally required.

  • Boost productivity with rapid clarification and carbonation
  • Save space with no need for extra equipment
  • Reduce oxygen pick-up with advanced centrifuge design
  • Get precise process control with easy-to-operate system

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Carbonate with superior quality and speed

By injecting CO2 during centrifugation, ProCarb produces instant carbonation of the highest quality. Inside the centrifuge strong G-forces combine to compress and fully dissolve the gas throughout the beer. In a matter of hours, you complete two processes that traditionally take days. The result is a properly carbonated beer, producing a tight and stable foamy head when poured.

The perfect match for your brewery

The ProCarb module is available as an option with Alfa Laval’s craft beer centrifuges: Brew 20, Brew 80, and Brew 250. Contact us to get a quote on a complete, integrated clarification and carbonation system. 

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Craft brewers discovering the benefits of ProCarb

“We can save time and money with ProCarb 

"We've had very good success with ProCarb" 

Have the finest experience 

Jackie O's experts found Alfa Laval to be top choice. With Brew 250 and ProCarb inline carbonation, the American brewery was able to cut losses in half and save time on production, without compromising the quality of their craft beer. Watch the full video to learn why Alfa Laval offers the finest experience for craft breweries. 

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Expertise in collaboration

ProCarb is a patented inline carbonation system from renowned American craft brewery suppliers ProBrew. After many years of partnership, we collaborated to create an integrated carbonation and centrifugal separation system. A unique two-in-one solution “to help brewers produce better beer, faster and more consistently.”

Yes, ProCarb is definitely a winner for us. ”
Brian Cornelius, facility manager at Jackie O's Pub & Brewery

The Separator Innovator

Alfa Laval invented the first disc stack separator over a century ago. Since then, we have led the way by constantly improving and reinventing centrifuge technology. Making it safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Visit our Separator Innovator knowledge base and discover how we continue to revolutionize separation processes across industries.

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Alfa Laval Brew 20: your passion deserves the best

Quality beer takes quality tools. Alfa Laval Brew 20 is a compact beer centrifuge specially designed for the needs of the smallest brewpubs and microbreweries. Like Brew 80, it offers smart innovation for improving yield and quality while minimizing oxygen pickup and operational costs.

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